Thursday, September 20, 2012

Behind the Scenes

Once again, I have been crazy busy these past few weeks; a few photo shoots, short film, Quinceanera test runs, etc. Any time I work on something, I always like to take a few photos "behind the scenes". These are just a few from a couple gigs I've done recently.


Stephanie's Quinceanera photo shoot

At the Angelesque show


On the set of the short film "In Ink"

Amour Photography photo shoot with Kelsie

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Angelesque photos!

How AMAZING are these! This is one of the models I worked on: Claudia Lorena (from Peru). Doesn't she look gorgeous?!

Of course, I don't need to say it, but the photographer Sean Cantellay and Jenna the designer for Angelesque did an awesome job. Hopefully more pictures coming soon! You can click on their names to take you to their sites where you can see more work. :)

 From this photo, I did makeup for Claudia Lorena and Nina (sitting on the center of the couch)

On another note, I still have many more exciting things to come in these next few weeks including a short film and photo shoot. More details in these next few days!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Ensemble Fashion Show

Saturday night, I had the chance to do makeup for a fashion show put together by Seattle's RAW Artist where they showcased different local designers. I love these types of events because you get to meet local artist, musicians, designers, models, etc and learn about them. Trust me, we have great talents here in the Pacific NW! You can check out the page here:


I went in to do makeup for Angelesque Shoes, they are absolutely gorgeous! They designer and I didn't know that RAW had arranged for students from the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute in Seattle to be there to help out with makeup, which turned out great because we needed all the hands we could get in the back! Amidst the craziness that is backstage, we managed to only lose 1 thing: a new UDPP. :(

Since we had help in the back, I only did makeup for 2 of the Angelesque models and ended up doing two other models for the other designers being showcased! That is what I love about being a Makeup Artist, when you work a runway or photo shoot with other MUA's, you don't fight or get competitive! We help each other out to get the girls done faster and more efficiently. In the long run, if I ever need help with a gig o need to refer a client, I know who I can call. There are always events that come up which I am not able to do because it is either too far or I have other arrangements, but I know great MUA's who can help them out.

These are just some of the photos which I took with my phone, waiting on photos from the designer and photographer. The first two are of Model Claudia Lorena from Peru, I had a blast doing her makeup and everyone just staring at us because we kept talking in Spanish with an occasional English word that would slip in! The second model was walking for Mac Fashion House. Once again, amazing designs!

Sunday, I went up to Bellingham to do a Bridal Makeup consultation with bride-to-be: Pinky. OMG, she was as sweet as could be. When I got there, the whole family was getting ready for her Bridal Shower and there was food everywhere! Since it is going to be an Indian wedding, she will need to do different looks for the different events. This is the first look we tried, super natural but a little pin up-ish with the red lip... which her fiance loves. Since lighting was not the best, I gave up trying to take pictures of the other looks and hair.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Simple Sugar Skull (Calavera)

With Halloween coming up, here is a simple sugar skull look you can try out. Once again, I start off with no makeup!

Things you will need:
Paint brushes (preferable for face painting)
Black face pain
White face paint
Black eyeshadow
Black eyeliner
Translucent setting powder
Powder and fan brush brush
Face primer
Cotton buds and pads
Face wipes

Since I have thick dark eyebrows, I started by partially gluing my brow (more on how-to later) and using moisturizer.

With black paint, I first made the outline of the eye shape I wanted. Don't worry if it is not perfect, you can fix it later.
Once you have the shape you want, go ahead and fill it in.


 Now using a black liner, line your water line.

Go ahead and set it all with a matte black shadow. At this point it still doesn't have to be perfect, just as close as possible to the shape you want. Don't worry about fall out or the edges, we'll fix those in a bit.

Now, going in with the black paint again draw the outline of the nose shape you want.

Fill it in, but don't worry about getting it perfect yet. Once you have filled the shape you want, go in with a smaller tip brush to get it perfect. Go back in with the black shadow to set the nose.

Using a fan brush, dust of any excess shadow from your eyes and nose. Clean off all of the fall out to get the skin ready for the next step.

Add either a primer or some moisturizer.

Use a concealer which is lighter than your skin tone to mute your lips.

Clean off your fan brush and go in with a translucent powder to set the concealer.

I used a mixture of white face paint and moisturizer because this paint really dries my skin. So, I had to do a few coats to get a opaque finish. Anyways, using the paint, go ahead and outline the eyes and nose. Now, you can really go in and make everything perfect.

Go ahead and paint the rest of your face and neck. Since I was just going to take a shower after this, I only did my face. I had to do about 2 coats since I mixed in moisturizer. I could've gone for 3 coats to get it perfect, but for demo purposes, I just left it.

Go in with the translucent powder and set the white paint.

To draw the mouth start about 1.5-2 ins past the outer corner and draw a horizontal line to the outer corner of your mouth. Do the same on the other side. Starting at the cupids bow, start drawing multiple vertical stripes.

On your forehead, draw a spider web like so, and connect the lines.

On your chin, you can draw whatever you want. I did a lotus-type flower, but you can draw a rose or smaller spider web.

I added some dots and this is what I ended up with. For a super simple or kid's look, you can stop here, but I wanted to add some more.

I added a swirl design to add a bit more definition to my cheek hollows

Once again, you can stop here, but I still wanted to add some more bling. :) I decided to add a rhinestone sticker thing in the center of the web.

Still not enough! So I added different sized swarovski crystals around the eyes, chin, and on the swirl thing. You can use eyelash glue to get them to stick. Instead of using Duo, I went with a glue which remains tacky even after it has dried.



Tah-dah, you're done! :) Of course, you can add more details, different colors, lashes, glitter, etc... but I just wanted to keep it easy.