Monday, January 27, 2014

Seahawks Nail Picture Tutorials

Like I had mentioned in my last post, I did a quick picture tutorial to show how you can recreate some of the looks I did to rock them next Sunday! All products used are pictured and listed right after each tutorial (left to right, back row to first row).

Now, for the first manicure tutorial, I had originally done the logo and "12" using acrylic paints and by following this amazing nail sticker method video. This is also the same method that I used to make the players' face. If you are good with your non-dominant hand, just do it freehand. For time/tutorial sake, I used some nail tattoos that I found at Party City and skipped the "12" because Im sure everyone can do a 12. Lol

Original Seahawks manicure


Green, Blue, White, and Black acrylic paints (originally used to make logo and "12", but only used white for this tutorial)
Kiss Blue nail art striper (only used the brush)
China Glaze Dorothy Who
China Glaze First Mate
China Glaze Starboard
dotting tool
Seahawks Manicure 2
This look is basically a glitter gradient and this has got to be the best video I have found on how to achieve it, except I add the color directly to the sponge instead of pouring it on a plate. I also used the solid green at the tip before sponging the glitter so it could stand out more.  Again, I used the same logo tattoos
China Glaze Dorothy Who
China Glaze First Mate
China Glaze Starboard
Sinful Colors Call You Later
Nail Tattoos
Cosmetic Sponge
Seahawks Manicures 3& 4
For the next two manicures, I used the exact same products so no need to list or picture them twice. The one thing I did forget to picture was the rhinestones. You can use green or silver, it doesn't make much of a difference. 
Kiss Blue striper polish (only used the brush)
China Glaze First Mate
Sally Hansen Celeb City
Ssalon Perfect Loopy Lime (I believe that's the name, name came off)
Kiss Lime Green striper polish (only used the brush)
Nail Tattoos
2mm and 3mm rhinestones

I hope you guys love these looks, try them out, and share!

Oh, and GO HAWKS!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

NFC Champs- Seattle Seahawks!

I know that I've been gone for almost a year, but I had decided to take a break from makeup due to a great loss in my family and other personal issues. I've only worked with about 10 brides this past year whom have been either family, friends, or a friend of a family member. It's really hard to concentrate and focus on others' happiness when you are trying to overcome the loss of a family member.

With that out of the way, let's get down to business! A few months, I happened to see a picture that one of my friends liked which showed up on my Facebook news feed which looked so familiar to me. It ended up being a copy that a nail salon had done of my original Seahawks nail design! As strange as it is to see others doing your design, it's kind of an honor knowing that it served as an inspiration to someone. I later went on Google and Pinterest and saw how many times people had liked and repined the design, I seriously lost track trying to see how many times it had been repined. Plus, my original post has been viewed on over 4,000 just in the past month! Wow!

I had done 4 other designs since this season started, so I wanted to share them on here so fellow 12th women can rock their Seahawks nails during for the Super Bowl! Also, I have a tutorial on how to achieve some of the looks because I've had quite a few people ask me how to recreate them.

Enjoy and GO HAWKS!!!

My vector portrait attempt! lol
Top: Earl Thomas and Marshawn Lynch
Bottom: Richard Sherman (lol) and Russell Wilson
Seahawks nails with portraits

Glitter gradient Seahawks nails

Seahawks nail art

Seahawks nail design


Saturday, February 2, 2013

49ers nails

Since my sister is a huge Niners fan, I did these nails on her the other day for this weekend's big game. May the best team win.

49ers Nails

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Shoe inspired

I've said this like a billion times, there's nothing I love more than a winged black liner and wine or berry lips. So easy and always super classy. It seems that I also wear the same look from my "blue water" post... alot. If not that look, some kind of variation of it.
The look I went for is a variation which was actually inspired by a boot. Not a boot boot, but a soccer boot. My brother has a pair of the Cristiano Ronaldo Nike Mercurial VIII which are just so pretty! Like I mentioned in one of my recent posts, I love soccer. And if you follow men's soccer, you know that boots come in pretty much every color of the rainbow and they dont seem to mind.
Anyway, this look is inspired by them. I just added some purple to the outer 1/3 of the lower lash line along with my favorite lip color ever: OCC Lip Tar in Anime. This is an insanely hot pink shade which is definitely not suited for those scared of color. I can tell you one thing, this color will make you stand out in a crowd!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day to night

I had a few things going on Saturday: church, a birthday party, and a girls night out. So I decided to do a simple look in the morning and transform that look into 2 different looks as the day progressed.

I started off as a simple winged liner and wine lip with a bit of gold shimmer on the lower lash line to make my eyes sparkle. As an all over lid color, I just used my regular powder foundation. Also, I went a bit heavier on the contouring than I usually do. This was the look I wore to church.


For my nephew's birthday party, I decided to play up the eyes more and get completely rid of the wine lip. I took a charcoal grey, created soft kind of a "cut crease", and blended out any harsh lines using the same powder foundation. Lined the outer half of my lower lash line with the same grey and added a tad bit more of the gold pigment. To finish the eyes, I added some very long and dramatic false lashes. For my lips, I used a very sheer red gloss just to add a slight tint.


Since we were going on a Girls Night, I wanted my eyes to be even more dramatic. Using the same charcoal color, I packed on more color on the outer V and blended it out to create a cat eye effect. On my lid, I used a shimmery silver and added some glitter on top of the silver. I used the same glitter on the inner 3rd of my lower lash line. Tah-dah! As for the lips, the first is a nude ombre lip, but I wasnt too fond of it, so I took that off and used a soft pink gloss.

Each look took me about 15 minutes to do. Sorry for the color variation in the photos, they werent edited, its just that some were taken with my phone and some with my camera.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Seattle Seahawks: Beast Mode!

I have to confess, I'm not the biggest football fan. I'm more if a soccer gal, but that doesn't mean I won't support my local team!  :)

Super proud of the Seahawks, they have given us a great season and still have more to give. I just know they'll make it to the Super Bowl! Meanwhile, watch out Atlanta, because Seattle is bringing it this Sunday! BEAST MODE!

Here are my nails for this weekends game, don't forget to tune in!

****UPDATE 1/21/14****
Since the beginning of this season, I have made 4 more designs which you can see on my recent post. I will be making a tutorial on some of the designs in the next few days and will link it both here and on my other post. Enjoy!

** UPDATE 1/27/14**
Blog post with the picture tutorials is now up and can be found here.

Go Seahawks!
Seattle Seahawks nails
 Seahawks nails
Seahawks nails 

Friday, January 11, 2013

I'm back!

I know it has been a while, but holiday season is always very hectic for me. Now that Im back to my usual routine, I have quite a number of posts coming soon. I wanted to start with one of my favorite looks I wore during these past couple months. It was definitely very festive.
Hope you love it and I'll probably post something else tomorrow.