Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day to night

I had a few things going on Saturday: church, a birthday party, and a girls night out. So I decided to do a simple look in the morning and transform that look into 2 different looks as the day progressed.

I started off as a simple winged liner and wine lip with a bit of gold shimmer on the lower lash line to make my eyes sparkle. As an all over lid color, I just used my regular powder foundation. Also, I went a bit heavier on the contouring than I usually do. This was the look I wore to church.


For my nephew's birthday party, I decided to play up the eyes more and get completely rid of the wine lip. I took a charcoal grey, created soft kind of a "cut crease", and blended out any harsh lines using the same powder foundation. Lined the outer half of my lower lash line with the same grey and added a tad bit more of the gold pigment. To finish the eyes, I added some very long and dramatic false lashes. For my lips, I used a very sheer red gloss just to add a slight tint.


Since we were going on a Girls Night, I wanted my eyes to be even more dramatic. Using the same charcoal color, I packed on more color on the outer V and blended it out to create a cat eye effect. On my lid, I used a shimmery silver and added some glitter on top of the silver. I used the same glitter on the inner 3rd of my lower lash line. Tah-dah! As for the lips, the first is a nude ombre lip, but I wasnt too fond of it, so I took that off and used a soft pink gloss.

Each look took me about 15 minutes to do. Sorry for the color variation in the photos, they werent edited, its just that some were taken with my phone and some with my camera.


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