Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Awesome week

So this past week has been crazy busy but very fun!

crazy long falsies
Over the weekend, I had the chance to meet Judy from ItsJudyTime on YouTube who lives in the same town I do. She has both a beauty channel and a vlog channel. To be perfectly honest, I don't really watch her beauty videos... I would really recommend them for girls who are starting to get into makeup as she uses many drugstore brand items and explains her steps perfectly. I prefer her vlog channel which is ItsJudysLife! She and her husband, Benji, are hilarious: I love them! Go check her channels out.

Sunday, I had a two different gigs... working on permission from the photographers to show you a few pictures!

I also had the chance to meet with DorothyInez, a Makeup Artist from the south Sounds who works with Motives by Loren Ridinger. I met up with her before a class she was going to teach because I was going to get one of her train cases. I'm tired of carrying around another bag for my hair things because my train case is a bit too small. besides that, I don't want to pay $200+ for a case which is just a bit bigger than mine, that's just crazy!


Anyways, back to my story. Since they were still setting up for the class, she introduced me to one of the Motives mentors from Miami and they showed me some of the products they have. There was this cake tier looking thing with different correctors and colors: they custom blend your foundation! How cool is that?! Plus, they are very affordable cosmetics! My favorite was definitely the Motives for La La line which just launched. You know former MTV VJ La La Anthony: married to the oh-so-cute Carmelo Anthony.


The pigmentation was great and there was a coral lip gloss which I HAVE to get my hands on. Oh yes, I will placing an order soon! You can check out DorothyInez's site for more info in her and her work, you can even look at the Motives line. Oh, and any future brides in the south Sound (Seattle on down), hit her up, she's very sweet! Her site is

Later, I had the chance to work with probably the nicest photographer I've ever met for some Senior portraits: Vaughn Tanner. His work is really nice and he is great. It was definitely one of the best photo shoots I've been a part of. Of course, the girl he was shooting was very cooperative while I was doing her hair and makeup and her mom was very sweet too. Hopefully I can show you guys a photo from the shoot, Vaughn did an amazing job!

Once again, anyone in the south Sound, hit him up for photos! His site is

Have some pretty fun things lined up for next week, of course, I'll try to get pics up on those too! The photos I added today are just examples of two different looks using the exact same colors for both looks. I used 2 different greens, 2 browns, a highlight color, and some black liner... that's it!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Scaries! :O

I was online looking at some makeup gigs, one of which asked for a corpse look. Since I havent done one in a while and I had my afternoon open, I decided to do it. It turned out more like a zombie. While I was at it, I wanted to try a look that I had seen on YouTube but hadnt had the chance to test.


For the first look, my brother Juan was the model. In this, since he was going to take it off right away, I only did his face. I ran out of many SFX things which I havent restocked. Since I didnt have the materials to make some fake blood, I just mixed some black & red paint, water, and glycerin... but I was not thrilled with how it turned out.


For the second look, we had to conceal his brows, but I didnt have spirit gum or enough modeling wax to cover his brows. So I tried the glue stick method... yeah, didnt work. I really wanted to do the look, so I tried it on myself since my brow is not as thick as his.

before... this will be one of the ONLY times you will see me without a single drop of makep

I still ended up concealing my brows with the glue stick becase I wanted my brows higher up to give me more woring space for the look. While watching the video, I thought the look might be harder than what it actually was. Here's the link to the video where it shows how to creat the look step-by-step:   If I had white contacts, this would be even more creepy. I highly doubt my family will be able to sleep tonight after they saw me. My sister might have gotten a heart attack when I texted her the picture: she has a major clown phobia! When showed my dad the pictures, he didnt believe it was me! Oh the power of SFX makeup! Actually, the power of makeup in general!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Poppa bear!

This is not beauty related at all, but I wanted to share because I always get asked by clients about my family and if I have kids. No, I don't have kids. I've got a very needy dog and that's about as much as I can handle right now! :D

This is my little poppa bear, Goliath! He's a 3yr old, reddish brown, Apple head Chihuahua. My sister and I adopted him him while I wad going through a very rough breakup. So instead of crying, I decided to focus my attention on something else.

He was 10 weeks and weighed just over .5lb! The prettiest little face, stubby legs, and droopy ears: I fell madly in love with my baby boy.

Now, I know what some are thinking, " It's a dog, not a kid!" I bottle fed him until he was able to eat softer food on his own. I am the one who goes all "momma lion" when I hear him yelp, cry or growl. I cuddle him in the middle of the night when he's crying scared to death of the wind, rain, and thunder storms and doesn't want to stay alone in his bed. I hold him close all night and try everything I possibly can to make sure he's ok when he's sick. Comfort him at the Dr's. These are things a mother does, right? Just that my kid can't talk, walk on two legs, and is more hairy than most kids! :D

So, I present to you, my child/dog! My favorite is definitely the one where he's "helping" my mom with a puzzle.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Busy busy gal

I have been crazy busy these past few days, if you could only see the major dark circles I've got going on! Thanks to concealer, you can't. :D Today, I didn't even wear falsies! For me, that rarely happens. I have very small lashes that seriously look like an awning! You know the things that go over a patio or building door to make a shade: awning. They even droop down the same way!  I can curl the living day lights out of them, but at the first sign of mascara, they become a thick, clumpy, droopy mess.

I know I am not alone here, there are other ladies out there with the same problem. For those of you with the same issue, here's a tip for if you don't want to or haven't worn false eyelashes: eye liner. Preferably a liquid liner with a brush tip, not felt tip. I love to use Urban Decay 24/7 liquid liner or a soft black from NYX. You just brush it lightly as if you were applying marcara and wait for it to dry. I will usually apply it before I start doing my shadow and concealer because it might splash on the top of your cheeks. When I'm done with my shadow and the lashes have dried, I curl them and apply a couple coats of mascara. Voilà, lashes!

Its just an extra little step which makes a huge difference... but I still love the drama of the false lashes! :) Here'e the look I did today without falsies. Super simple look, just a bit of pop with the silver liner. That's it, nothing to exciting, I was too tired today.

Saturday night, I was at the Bellevue Square Mall's Macys and got a sample of the new Urban Decay Naked foundation to try it out. It's a medium coverage foundation which is definately buildable. I mixed mine with my moisturizer because, luckly, I just need very light coverage. I'll keep trying it out and see if I want to get it. So far, I HATE THE SMELL!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yay, clean kit!

So I decided to clean my kit, even if I do have to pack it again tomorrow. I just cant stand seeing it by my door with all my things still inside. This is what it was like after a crazy day of work this weekend..

and  after!

I always clean my brushes on the spot, I never have a dirty brush with me. All the items that are still in my kit are items that I use for every look: brush roll, a few lashes, gel & felt tip liner, brow gel, mascara, manicure scissors (for lashes), my favorite lip gloss palette, brow powder palette, transluscent powder, banana powder, face wipes, cotton pads & buds, empty 10 & 20 g containers, disposables, mirror, eye makeup remover, 91% and 70% alcohol. Of course, a clean towel and first aid kit too!

Speaking of disposables, my order from Qosmedix came in! That's the company I order my tools from. I love them because the items are great quality and price. Can't wait to open it tomorrow, eeek! I am probable the only person on earth who would get excited about disposable anything! :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My lovely cousin, Diana!

Just as my last post was uploading, I saw these and completely forgot I had them! You cant see her face in these, but it's my beautiful cousin, Diana. She came over a few months ago and I was playing with her hair and this was the outcome. I wasnt too fond of the messy curly bun on her, so we took it down and just put half up and left the headband and poof. I love doing with her hair and makeup!

Blue water

I am very sorry about the pictures in my last 2 post which I uploaded via my cell phone, I just realized how bad they look. I'll have to find my adaptor so I can go in and fix them in these next few days.

Right now, I'm really procrastinating... I should be cleaning out my kit from Sunday, but I'm on here instead. After a gig or trial, I take everything out and just leave the essentials in like cotton buds & pads, face wipes, disposables, primers, lashes, etc. When I have a new gig, I add the shadow and lip palettes, setting sprays, foundations, and brushes. I have a trial later this week, so I would need to take everything out and pack it again! Nah, I think I'll just leave it in there. Ugh, but I hate seeing it by my door... oh well, I guess I'll go reorganize it. :/

Let me share the look I did today for a company picnic! I have a new blue shadow that had been dying to try, so I figured I would try it out and match the water. :) I did a simple eye with a pop of color and wore it with my favorite pink gloss, MAC's Wildly Refined... which is discontinued. I think that I might be the only one crazy enough to wear falsies to the river!

Monday, August 13, 2012

MUA problems! + tips

So yesterday was Stephanie's Quinceañera, photos coming soon of the final look. Man, it was a long day! I got to her house around 8am and the lady doing the damas' (maids or court) hair was already working. Stephanie's hair and makeup took me a total of about 2.5hrs to do! Just curling her hair took me about 45 minutes because she has so much hair and its super thick.

Of course she's 15 and her best friends were part if her court, so she laughing and moving all over the place while I was doing her makeup. What does this mean to me: mascara all over the place, smudged eyeliner, crooked lip liner, etc. Basically having to re-do many things. Lol. It's OK because she's like a little sister to me and all her friends were there. For anyone who is thinking about hiring an MUA for a special event or if a friend is doing your makeup or whatever, here are a few tips (more like rules) to make the application process go faster and smoother for both you and the MUA.

1. Start of with a clean face. If you can, have your favorite moisturizer on already. You never now how a new moisturizer will react with your skin.

2. If we haven't asked already, PLEASE inform us beforehand of any skin allergies or if a certain brand or product makes you break out! The last thing we want is to irritate your skin.

3. When applying mascara or eyeliner, Let us know if you need to blink! We promise we'll stop to let you blink a bit. If you blink while we're applying them, we might accidentaly smudge the liner or mascara and have to start over again! We might even poke your eye and make your eyes water which is even worse!

4. Tip 3 applies here too! Please stay still if we're applying false lashes and follow what we say, as every MUA has a way which works best for them. If you move the lashes might end up crooked, not glue properly, or we might get glue all over and glue your top and bottom lashes together!

5. Actually, just stay still in general. It's OK to talk, we'll let you know if we need you to stop for a bit. Enjoy getting pampered and relax.

6. Let us know what type of look your going for and give a few examples, that gives us a variety of options to work with. The look might not be the same on you as the person/model may have a different skin tone, eye color, eye shape, facial features, and face shape. All of this contributes to the overall final look.

7. I guess this is more like 6.5. How your final look is now to how it looks in photo are two completely different things. General rule of thumb: if you feel like it might be a little bit much, it might be just enough for photo. So keep that in mind if photos will be taken.

8. Give us space to do our work. A counter, desk, or you dining room table is fine. Chances are you don't have a high director's type chair like we love to use, but if you have a stool or a tall chair, perfect. If not, a regular chair is fine, but it can really take a toll on our back when we're doing a party of like 4 or more.

9. If we're doing hair and makeup, please give us and yourself enough time. Depending on the makeup look and how elaborate the hair is, plan for about 2 hours... it might be more like 1-1.5. Just play it safe. Same for large parties, give your MUA examples of the looks so they can give you an estimate on how long it will take.

10. Please, please, PLEASE let us know if there is something you don't like or want to change of the look! You want to look beautiful and we want to help to make sure you're completely satisfied, but we can't if you don't let us know what you don't like. In my case I will always do a makeup consult about 2-3 weeks before to try out different looks and hair and take some photos for you to compare. This is when you NEED to express your concerns so we can make the changes.

Well, I really hope this helps you out and makes everything go smoothly for you and your MUA.

This is the look I wore yesterday to the party, keep in mind that this is +12 hrs after I applied it. Oh, and excuse the shiny face, I had just gotten home and did not want to add more powder... I just wanted to go to bed! If you look close in the first picture, I had already started taking one of my lashes in the inner corner when I realized I hadn't taken a picture yet! Lol.

These are the nails I did, completely blinged out and the color matched my shoes perfectly!The color is Frostbite by China Glaze.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Quinceañera Shoot

This is Stephanie, one of my best friend's younger sister. We recently did a photo shoot at the beach for her Quinceañera which is tomorrow. Although we did a smokey eye on her, I wanted to keep it as soft as possible. Club makeup at the beach... yeah, not gonna happen!
Anyways, here are a few photos from the shoot at Mukilteo/Everett area. I love her face/skin in the last one, and it was just a test shot!

Perfect Neutral

Personally, nothing makes me feel more beautiful than a neutral eye and bold, bright lip! That's exactly what I did today. :) I didn't take a picture, but on my lips I wore the Covergirl blast flipstick I think the color is called stunner. I'm not sure the name, but its the one that Sofia Vergara is wearing in the ad! I felt like the eyes needed a bit more, so I added some really fun lashes too.

Off to bed, I've got a pretty long day tomorrow!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lucky Green

I am completely in love with MAC's Lucky green! I bought it last October, wore it one and completely forgot about it. It is the most beautiful light green with yellow shimmer. Today, I decided to use it to do just a simple look with a soft brown and some black liner. What do you think?

On another note, this is one of my favorite palettes in the whole world... but it's a little tricky to get the color as vibrant as it looks in the pan.

Normally, I would either use my handy-dandy Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) or a white base like NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. I have about 10 different primers and decided to do a swatch test to see which of the ones I use most will make the color more vibrant.

I decided to use the teal color for the swatch test.

in order from left to right: No primer, UDPP, concealer, Benefit Stay Dont Stray primer, NYX Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil, LA Splash Eyeshadow primer/sealer.

Isn't that crazy, the LA Splash primer is more vibrant, but dang near imposible to blend shadows! Oh well, guess I'll have to use a white shadow and then layer the color ontop so I can blend it better.

Let me borow your freckles!

Meet Rachel, my little brother's girlfriend! More on why I have pictures of her on here a bit later, first, the story behind the title.

So, a few weeks ago I went to an interview for a part-time job... nothing beauty related. The gal who did my interview said she loved the look I was wearing and asked how I got it to look so perfect. We got to talking about me being a freelance MUA and it turns out she's getting married this September but doesnt have anyone doing her makeup yet. I let her know I would be more than happy to do her makeup and would send her examples of work I've done along with my rates.

She is fair with tons of freckles, which I find so gorgeous! While going through my pictures I realized I didn't have any examples of gals with freckles I could send her... and don't know anyone with them either. Last week, she sent me pictures of the hair looks she wants for her and her bridesmaids, both of which are for long hair. I dont have anyone with long hair I could practice the looks on either! Great, I'm screwed.

Sunday, I was on FB and saw a picture of my brother with his girlfriend and remembered that she has both freckles and med-long hair! I happend to walk out of my room when he was talking on the phone with her so I asked him to tell her to let me borrow her freckles. The look on his face... PRICELESS! LOL! She agreed, thank God.

The bride wanted me to try out two different looks: 1 neutral w/freckles & 1 more dramatic w/o freckles. Also, we tried out both the bride and bridesmaid's hairstyles. Since Rachel hardly ever wears makeup, my brother could not take his eyes off her!

Neutral look

Dramatic look


Bride's hairstyle

Bridesmaids' hairstyle