Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Poppa bear!

This is not beauty related at all, but I wanted to share because I always get asked by clients about my family and if I have kids. No, I don't have kids. I've got a very needy dog and that's about as much as I can handle right now! :D

This is my little poppa bear, Goliath! He's a 3yr old, reddish brown, Apple head Chihuahua. My sister and I adopted him him while I wad going through a very rough breakup. So instead of crying, I decided to focus my attention on something else.

He was 10 weeks and weighed just over .5lb! The prettiest little face, stubby legs, and droopy ears: I fell madly in love with my baby boy.

Now, I know what some are thinking, " It's a dog, not a kid!" I bottle fed him until he was able to eat softer food on his own. I am the one who goes all "momma lion" when I hear him yelp, cry or growl. I cuddle him in the middle of the night when he's crying scared to death of the wind, rain, and thunder storms and doesn't want to stay alone in his bed. I hold him close all night and try everything I possibly can to make sure he's ok when he's sick. Comfort him at the Dr's. These are things a mother does, right? Just that my kid can't talk, walk on two legs, and is more hairy than most kids! :D

So, I present to you, my child/dog! My favorite is definitely the one where he's "helping" my mom with a puzzle.

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