Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Scaries! :O

I was online looking at some makeup gigs, one of which asked for a corpse look. Since I havent done one in a while and I had my afternoon open, I decided to do it. It turned out more like a zombie. While I was at it, I wanted to try a look that I had seen on YouTube but hadnt had the chance to test.


For the first look, my brother Juan was the model. In this, since he was going to take it off right away, I only did his face. I ran out of many SFX things which I havent restocked. Since I didnt have the materials to make some fake blood, I just mixed some black & red paint, water, and glycerin... but I was not thrilled with how it turned out.


For the second look, we had to conceal his brows, but I didnt have spirit gum or enough modeling wax to cover his brows. So I tried the glue stick method... yeah, didnt work. I really wanted to do the look, so I tried it on myself since my brow is not as thick as his.

before... this will be one of the ONLY times you will see me without a single drop of makep

I still ended up concealing my brows with the glue stick becase I wanted my brows higher up to give me more woring space for the look. While watching the video, I thought the look might be harder than what it actually was. Here's the link to the video where it shows how to creat the look step-by-step:   If I had white contacts, this would be even more creepy. I highly doubt my family will be able to sleep tonight after they saw me. My sister might have gotten a heart attack when I texted her the picture: she has a major clown phobia! When showed my dad the pictures, he didnt believe it was me! Oh the power of SFX makeup! Actually, the power of makeup in general!


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