Monday, August 13, 2012

MUA problems! + tips

So yesterday was Stephanie's Quinceañera, photos coming soon of the final look. Man, it was a long day! I got to her house around 8am and the lady doing the damas' (maids or court) hair was already working. Stephanie's hair and makeup took me a total of about 2.5hrs to do! Just curling her hair took me about 45 minutes because she has so much hair and its super thick.

Of course she's 15 and her best friends were part if her court, so she laughing and moving all over the place while I was doing her makeup. What does this mean to me: mascara all over the place, smudged eyeliner, crooked lip liner, etc. Basically having to re-do many things. Lol. It's OK because she's like a little sister to me and all her friends were there. For anyone who is thinking about hiring an MUA for a special event or if a friend is doing your makeup or whatever, here are a few tips (more like rules) to make the application process go faster and smoother for both you and the MUA.

1. Start of with a clean face. If you can, have your favorite moisturizer on already. You never now how a new moisturizer will react with your skin.

2. If we haven't asked already, PLEASE inform us beforehand of any skin allergies or if a certain brand or product makes you break out! The last thing we want is to irritate your skin.

3. When applying mascara or eyeliner, Let us know if you need to blink! We promise we'll stop to let you blink a bit. If you blink while we're applying them, we might accidentaly smudge the liner or mascara and have to start over again! We might even poke your eye and make your eyes water which is even worse!

4. Tip 3 applies here too! Please stay still if we're applying false lashes and follow what we say, as every MUA has a way which works best for them. If you move the lashes might end up crooked, not glue properly, or we might get glue all over and glue your top and bottom lashes together!

5. Actually, just stay still in general. It's OK to talk, we'll let you know if we need you to stop for a bit. Enjoy getting pampered and relax.

6. Let us know what type of look your going for and give a few examples, that gives us a variety of options to work with. The look might not be the same on you as the person/model may have a different skin tone, eye color, eye shape, facial features, and face shape. All of this contributes to the overall final look.

7. I guess this is more like 6.5. How your final look is now to how it looks in photo are two completely different things. General rule of thumb: if you feel like it might be a little bit much, it might be just enough for photo. So keep that in mind if photos will be taken.

8. Give us space to do our work. A counter, desk, or you dining room table is fine. Chances are you don't have a high director's type chair like we love to use, but if you have a stool or a tall chair, perfect. If not, a regular chair is fine, but it can really take a toll on our back when we're doing a party of like 4 or more.

9. If we're doing hair and makeup, please give us and yourself enough time. Depending on the makeup look and how elaborate the hair is, plan for about 2 hours... it might be more like 1-1.5. Just play it safe. Same for large parties, give your MUA examples of the looks so they can give you an estimate on how long it will take.

10. Please, please, PLEASE let us know if there is something you don't like or want to change of the look! You want to look beautiful and we want to help to make sure you're completely satisfied, but we can't if you don't let us know what you don't like. In my case I will always do a makeup consult about 2-3 weeks before to try out different looks and hair and take some photos for you to compare. This is when you NEED to express your concerns so we can make the changes.

Well, I really hope this helps you out and makes everything go smoothly for you and your MUA.

This is the look I wore yesterday to the party, keep in mind that this is +12 hrs after I applied it. Oh, and excuse the shiny face, I had just gotten home and did not want to add more powder... I just wanted to go to bed! If you look close in the first picture, I had already started taking one of my lashes in the inner corner when I realized I hadn't taken a picture yet! Lol.

These are the nails I did, completely blinged out and the color matched my shoes perfectly!The color is Frostbite by China Glaze.

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