Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yay, clean kit!

So I decided to clean my kit, even if I do have to pack it again tomorrow. I just cant stand seeing it by my door with all my things still inside. This is what it was like after a crazy day of work this weekend..

and  after!

I always clean my brushes on the spot, I never have a dirty brush with me. All the items that are still in my kit are items that I use for every look: brush roll, a few lashes, gel & felt tip liner, brow gel, mascara, manicure scissors (for lashes), my favorite lip gloss palette, brow powder palette, transluscent powder, banana powder, face wipes, cotton pads & buds, empty 10 & 20 g containers, disposables, mirror, eye makeup remover, 91% and 70% alcohol. Of course, a clean towel and first aid kit too!

Speaking of disposables, my order from Qosmedix came in! That's the company I order my tools from. I love them because the items are great quality and price. Can't wait to open it tomorrow, eeek! I am probable the only person on earth who would get excited about disposable anything! :)

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