Thursday, August 9, 2012

Let me borow your freckles!

Meet Rachel, my little brother's girlfriend! More on why I have pictures of her on here a bit later, first, the story behind the title.

So, a few weeks ago I went to an interview for a part-time job... nothing beauty related. The gal who did my interview said she loved the look I was wearing and asked how I got it to look so perfect. We got to talking about me being a freelance MUA and it turns out she's getting married this September but doesnt have anyone doing her makeup yet. I let her know I would be more than happy to do her makeup and would send her examples of work I've done along with my rates.

She is fair with tons of freckles, which I find so gorgeous! While going through my pictures I realized I didn't have any examples of gals with freckles I could send her... and don't know anyone with them either. Last week, she sent me pictures of the hair looks she wants for her and her bridesmaids, both of which are for long hair. I dont have anyone with long hair I could practice the looks on either! Great, I'm screwed.

Sunday, I was on FB and saw a picture of my brother with his girlfriend and remembered that she has both freckles and med-long hair! I happend to walk out of my room when he was talking on the phone with her so I asked him to tell her to let me borrow her freckles. The look on his face... PRICELESS! LOL! She agreed, thank God.

The bride wanted me to try out two different looks: 1 neutral w/freckles & 1 more dramatic w/o freckles. Also, we tried out both the bride and bridesmaid's hairstyles. Since Rachel hardly ever wears makeup, my brother could not take his eyes off her!

Neutral look

Dramatic look


Bride's hairstyle

Bridesmaids' hairstyle

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