Monday, September 10, 2012

Ensemble Fashion Show

Saturday night, I had the chance to do makeup for a fashion show put together by Seattle's RAW Artist where they showcased different local designers. I love these types of events because you get to meet local artist, musicians, designers, models, etc and learn about them. Trust me, we have great talents here in the Pacific NW! You can check out the page here:


I went in to do makeup for Angelesque Shoes, they are absolutely gorgeous! They designer and I didn't know that RAW had arranged for students from the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute in Seattle to be there to help out with makeup, which turned out great because we needed all the hands we could get in the back! Amidst the craziness that is backstage, we managed to only lose 1 thing: a new UDPP. :(

Since we had help in the back, I only did makeup for 2 of the Angelesque models and ended up doing two other models for the other designers being showcased! That is what I love about being a Makeup Artist, when you work a runway or photo shoot with other MUA's, you don't fight or get competitive! We help each other out to get the girls done faster and more efficiently. In the long run, if I ever need help with a gig o need to refer a client, I know who I can call. There are always events that come up which I am not able to do because it is either too far or I have other arrangements, but I know great MUA's who can help them out.

These are just some of the photos which I took with my phone, waiting on photos from the designer and photographer. The first two are of Model Claudia Lorena from Peru, I had a blast doing her makeup and everyone just staring at us because we kept talking in Spanish with an occasional English word that would slip in! The second model was walking for Mac Fashion House. Once again, amazing designs!

Sunday, I went up to Bellingham to do a Bridal Makeup consultation with bride-to-be: Pinky. OMG, she was as sweet as could be. When I got there, the whole family was getting ready for her Bridal Shower and there was food everywhere! Since it is going to be an Indian wedding, she will need to do different looks for the different events. This is the first look we tried, super natural but a little pin up-ish with the red lip... which her fiance loves. Since lighting was not the best, I gave up trying to take pictures of the other looks and hair.


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